Inflation Rate and Banks not paying well?

I’ve just been to one of my mortgage adviser recently where we’re talking about BTL mortgages.  Obviously the topic is about the interest rates.  As the Bank of England’s base rate stays at 0.5%, the High Street Banks continues to stretch the interest in the outset of the borrowers. If you put £10,000.00 in the […]

Housing Boom or another Property Bubble

Property Investment Direct

The current government is predicting a housing boom, but is it really? Recent introduction of “Help To Buy” scheme by the government helps first time buyer get into the property ladder which could then help start a property boom. However, another property bubble is such a concern, or could it be premature? Help to Buy […]

The ‘Exit Strategy’

Unique, ethical investment in US low-cost housing programme. An exceptional opportunity to receive a 245% return on your investment in just 3 years! Invest from as little as £10,000 or as much as you like by contributing to a unique fund that is being used to regenerate over 24,000 properties in the US. Alternatively you […]